10th Class Date Sheet 2024 BISE Faisalabad Board

The Date Sheet for the 2024 10th Class exams of Faisalabad Board will be announced in January, with the exams beginning on March 1st of the same year.

Importance of the 10th Class Annual Examination Date Sheet

The date sheet for the 10th class annual examination is an important document that details the dates and timings of each subject’s exam. This schedule helps students manage their time effectively, allowing them to cover all the required topics and revise sufficiently before each test.

Detailed Examination Schedule

Here is the detailed examination schedule for the 10th Class Annual Examination 2024:

1st MarchMondayMathematics9:00 AM
3rd MarchWednesdayScience9:00 AM
6th MarchSaturdayEnglish9:00 AM
9th MarchTuesdaySocial Studies9:00 AM
12th MarchFridaySecond Language9:00 AM
15th MarchMondayOptional Elective9:00 AM
10th Class Date Sheet 2024 Faisalabad Board:

Tips for Effective Exam Preparation

  1. Create a Study Schedule: Utilize the examination timetable to create a comprehensive study plan, allocating sufficient time to each subject based on its weight and difficulty level.
  2. Practice Regularly: Use consistent practice sessions to reinforce concepts and improve retention.
  3. Utilize Additional Resources: Explore supplementary study materials such as textbooks, reference guides, and online resources to understand topics better.
  4. Seek Clarifications: Don’t hesitate to seek clarifications from teachers or peers if you encounter doubts or difficulties while studying.
  5. Stay Organized: Keep your study area tidy and organized to minimize distractions and enhance focus during study sessions.

Steps to Download the 10th Class Date Sheet

To download the 10th class date sheet from the BISE Faisalabad website, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website of BISE Faisalabad:https://www.bisefsd.edu.pk/
  2. Navigate to the “Examinations” or “Date Sheet” section.
  3. Select the relevant class (10th) and examination session (2024).
  4. The date sheet is displayed on the screen.
  5. Click on the download button to save the date sheet for future reference.

About Faisalabad Board:

The Faisalabad Board, also known as the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Faisalabad (BISE Faisalabad), is an educational governing body in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Established in 1988, it serves as a regulatory authority overseeing intermediate and secondary education within its jurisdiction. This article provides an in-depth exploration of the Faisalabad Board, shedding light on its functions, structure, examination system, and significance in the educational landscape of Pakistan.


The education board will release the 10th class date sheet for 2024?

In January, the education board to release the 10th class date sheet for 2024.

How can students access the date sheet?

Students can access the date sheet on the official website of BISE Faisalabad Board or through leading newspapers.

What subjects are covered in the 10th class date sheet?

The date sheet typically covers subjects like Mathematics, English, Urdu, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.

How should students manage their time during exams?

Students should allocate time to each subject based on its weight and difficulty level and prioritize accordingly.