10th Class Matric Result 2023 Bise Multan Board

10th Class papers Bise Multan Board started on 3rd April And ended on 17th April 2023. Multan Board has Announced the date of the 10th class result. Multan Board 10th class results will be released on 31 July, Monday at 10 Am.

Passing Criteria For 10th Class Bise Multan Board

The BISE Multan Board has set specific passing criteria for students to successfully clear the 10th class examinations. Here are the key points to remember:

  1. Students must obtain a minimum of Grade D in theory exams and an overall minimum of 33% marks in all subjects combined.
Academic year2023
Passing marks in each subject33%
10th Class Result 2023 Bise Multan Board

Grading System for 10th Class BISE Multan Board

Grade RangeGradeGrade Point
Below 40F2.00
Grading system:

Table: Passing Marks in Each Subject – BISE Multan Board

SubjectPassing Marks
Pakistan Studies33%
Islamic Studies/Ethics33%
Computer Science33%
General Science33%
subject wise marks:

How To Check Online Result 10th Class Bise Multan Board

You Can Follow These Steps:

1:” Click on the ”official website of Bise Multan Board”www.biselahore.com”.

2: Click on the ”Result section’‘.

3:”Enter your” Roll no’

4:Click on ”10th Class Result Link 2023.

5:Double-check for any errors before clicking the “Submit” or “Check Result” button.

6: The Screenshot is given below:

How To Check 10th Class Results 2023 Bise Multan Board By SMS

  1. Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  2. Create a new message.
  3. In the recipient field, enter the official SMS code for the BISE Multan Board (800293).
  4. In the message body, type your roll number.
  5. Send the message.
  6. Wait for a few seconds to receive a reply from the board.

7. The Screenshot is given below

Download the 10th Class Result By Gazzete Bise Multan Board 2023

To download the 10th class result using the Gazette provided by the BISE Multan Board in 2023, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

Start by visiting the official website of the BISE Multan Board. Look for the “Results” section on the homepage.

Step 2: Navigate to the Gazette Section

Once you are on the Results page, locate the Gazette section.

Step 3: Select the Relevant Year and Class

In the Gazette section, select the year 2023 and the 10th class option.

Step 4: Choose the Subject Group

Choose the subject groups, such as Science, Arts, and Commerce.

Step 5: Download the Gazette

After selecting the subject group, click on the download button to initiate the download process of the Gazette PDF file.

Step 6: Open the Gazette

Once the download is complete, open the Gazette PDF file using a PDF reader application installed on your device.

Step 7: Search for Your Result

Enter your roll number or name in the search bar.

Step 8: Verify Your Result

Upon finding your result in the Gazette, verify the details carefully. Check your marks, grades, and any additional remarks mentioned.

Rechecking Process For 10th Class Bise Multan Board 2023

To apply for rechecking, students need to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the rechecking application form from the BISE Multan Board’s official website www.biselahore.com.

2. Fill out the application form accurately, providing all the required information.

3. There is a fixed fee per subject for the rechecking process.

4. After completing the form and payment, students must submit the rechecking form.

5. After the completion of the rechecking process, the BISE Multan Board announces the rechecking results. The results are usually posted on the official board website www.biselahore.com.

6. Once the reevaluation process is complete, the BISE Multan Board will notify you of the outcome.

About By Multan Board

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Multan is an educational board responsible for regulating and conducting examinations for secondary and intermediate classes in the Multan district.


1. What are the passing criteria for the 10th-class exams?

To pass the 10th class exams conducted by BISE Multan Board, students must secure a minimum of 33% marks in each subject.

2. How can I check my 10th class exam results?

After the completion of the 10th class exams, BISE Multan Board announces the results within a few months. Students can check their results on the official board website by entering their roll number.

3. How can I obtain my roll number slip for the exams?

The roll number slip is a crucial document that allows students to appear for their 10th-class exams. BISE Multan Board issues the roll number slips to registered students a few weeks before the commencement of the exams.

4. What Documents are Required for Examination?

  • Admit Card: A valid admit card issued by BISE Multan Board.
  • CNIC/B-Form Copy: A copy of your identification document.