9th Class SSC Part-1 Result 2023 BISE Gujranwala Board

9th class papers started on 18th April and ended on 12th May 2023. BISE Gujranwala Board has announced the date of the 9th class result. BISE Gujranwala Board 9th class results will be released on 22nd August, Tuesday at 10 Am.

Passing Criteria For 9th Class Result 2023 BISE Gujranwala Board

To pass the 9th class examination, students must obtain a minimum of 33% marks in each subject. This criterion ensures that students have a fundamental understanding of each subject’s basics before advancing to higher levels of education.

Academic Year2023
Passing marks in each subject33%
passing marks:

Grading System

Here is the grading system used by BISE Gujranwala:

  • Grade A+: 90% and above
  • Grade A: 80% to 89%
  • Grade B: 70% to 79%
  • Grade C: 60% to 69%
  • Grade D: 50% to 59%
  • Grade E: 40% to 49%
  • Grade F: Below 40% (Fail)

Subject-Wise Marks

Below is the detailed table showcasing the subject-wise marks distribution for 9th-class students:

SubjectTheory MarksPractical MarksTotal Marks
Social Studies8020100
Physical Education100100
Computer Science5050100
Art and Craft5050100
subject-wise marks

How To Check 9th Class Result 2023 Online BISE Gujranwala Board

Follow these simple steps to check your 9th class result online:

4.1. Visit the BISE Gujranwala Board Website

Open your preferred web browser and go to ”www.bisegrw.edu.pk/”.

4.2. Navigate to the Result Section

On the homepage, look for the “Results” section and click on it. It will direct you to the result inquiry page.

4.3. Select Examination Type

Choose “SSC” from the drop-down menu, as you are checking the result for the 9th class, which falls under the Secondary School Certificate category.

4.4. Enter Your Roll Number

Enter your 9th class roll number in the provided space. It’s crucial to double-check the roll number to avoid errors.

4.5. Click on “Submit”

After entering your roll number, click on the “Submit” button. The system will process your request.

4.6. View Your Result

Once the result is displayed on the screen, you can view, download, and print your 9th class result.

The Screenshot is given below:

How To Check 9th Class Result 2023 BISE Gujranwala Board By SMS

You can follow these steps:

Step 1: Compose a New SMS

Open the messaging app on your mobile phone and compose a new SMS.

Step 2: Enter the Recipient Number

In the recipient field, type the official result inquiry number for BISE Gujranwala Board. Here is the official SMS code BISE Gujranwala Board ”800299

Step 3: Enter the Roll Number

In the message body, type your 9th class roll number accurately. Make sure there are no errors in the roll number, as this can lead to incorrect results.

Step 4: Send the SMS

Double-check the accuracy of the entered roll number, and once you are confident, send the SMS to the designated recipient number.

Step 5: Receive the Result

Within a few moments, you will receive an SMS containing your 9th Class Result 2023.

The screenshot is given below:

Download 9th Class Result 2023 BISE Gujranwala Board By Gazette

To download your result using the Gazette, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website of the BISE Gujranwala Board. ”www.bisegrw.edu.pk/”.
  2. Find the Result Section: Once you’re on the website’s homepage, look for the “Results” or “Examination” section.
  3. Select Examination Type: Choose “9th Class” as your examination type.
  4. Enter Your Roll Number: Input your unique roll number carefully in the designated box.
  5. Verify Captcha: Complete any captcha verification required to prove that you are a human user.
  6. Click on “Search” or “View Result”: After verifying the captcha, click on the “Search” or “View Result” button to proceed.
  7. Access the Gazette: Once you click the button, you’ll be redirected to the Gazette page where the 9th Class Result 2023 will be displayed.

Rechecking Process For 9th Class Result 2023 BISE Gujranwala Board

Steps to Apply for Rechecking

  1. Obtaining the Rechecking Application Form: The first step is to acquire the rechecking application form. This form can usually be downloaded from the official website of the BISE Gujranwala Board
  2. Completing the Form: Fill out the rechecking application form carefully and ensure that all the required fields are accurately filled.
  3. Fee Submission: Along with the application form, you will need to pay the required rechecking fee as prescribed by the board.
  4. Identifying the Papers for Rechecking: Clearly mention the subject(s) you wish to have rechecked. You can choose to recheck multiple subjects if needed.
  5. Submission of Application: Submit the completed application form along with the fee to the designated bank or board office within the specified timeframe.
  6. Processing Time: The board will take some time to process the applications and reevaluate the answer sheets.
  7. Rechecking Results: Once the rechecking process is complete, the board will publish the revised results.

About Gujranwala Board

The Gujranwala Board, officially known as the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Gujranwala (BISE Gujranwala), is an educational body responsible for conducting examinations and managing educational affairs at the intermediate and secondary levels within the Gujranwala Division of Punjab, Pakistan.


Q1: What is the minimum passing percentage for the 9th class exams in Gujranwala Board?

The minimum passing percentage for the 9th class exams in Gujranwala Board is 33%.

Q2: Is there any negative marking in the exams?

No, the Gujranwala Board does not have a negative marking system.

Q3:Can I apply for rechecking in only one subject?

Yes, you have the option to apply for rechecking in one or more subjects based on your preferences and concerns.

Q4: How long does it take to receive the result via SMS?

The result is usually delivered instantly after you send the SMS with your roll number.