Class 5th And 8th Exams 2024 Started Again

The Board Examinations for the Fifth and Eighth Grades will resume, according to the Punjab School Education Department. Class 5th And 8th Exams 2024 Started AgainThe SED decided to begin the 5th and 8th class board exams in the upcoming years, according to a source.However, in order to advance to the sixth and ninth grades, children must pass the board examinations.

Because their advancement to the next grade depends on their results, students must take the fifth and eighth exams carefully.The SED has not yet released an official announcement on the start of the fifth and eighth class board exams.On the other hand, the department will notify the cabinet of the final decision about the summary of the board exams for the fifth and eighth classes.

New Exam Policy and Schedule For 5th and 8th Class 2024

Department of Education Punjab has released the updated registration and test guidelines for the 2024 board examinations for the fifth and eighth grades. According to media reports, the poor outcomes will be the responsibility of the Executive District Officer, or EDO Education. Class 5th And 8th Exams 2024 Started Again.

The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) will only oversee and distribute the monies for the fifth and eighth grade exams. Because to PEC’s poor performance, the registration and examination policy for the 5th and 8th class board examinations in 2024.

SED Punjab Decided to Start Board Exams 2024

As a result, Executive District Officers (EDO Education) will now be in charge of creating the exam’s paper and administering it. The staff needed to conduct the exams will be provided by the cluster centers. For this reason, 1,400 cluster centers have been set up. High schools are establishing cluster centers. A center for clusters